Slide Rail Shoring

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The SBH slide rail shoring system can often eliminate many of the safety and productivity issues found when one uses trench shields, tight sheeting, beam and plate systems and wood shoring systems.

The Slide Rail system, by design, is a modular component system that is used in place of driven tight sheeting or build-in-place timber shoring systems. The modern slide rail system is a “dig and push” system that allows quick installation of a typical pit or linear system in usually one day. This “dig and push” feature, in many cases, can greatly reduce the risk of cave-in and trench collapse that is common in Open Trench excavation methods. The benefit adds a great deal of safety for adjacent structures and for personnel. Another benefit of Slide Rail is that since the modular components of the system are designed for a wide range of applications, many unique designs can be installed quickly and usually with one reasonably sized excavator. In many instances, the individual Slide Rail components are lighter and easier to handle than large trench shields. When properly designed, Slide Rail systems offer unequalled pipe clearance and large free span work zones. Rolling Strut carts allow the spreader assemblies to be quickly moved up and down within the system as need be for placement of pipe or equipment and to change the free span work zone provided by the system.

Slide Rail systems also offer unique flexibility when one encounters crossing utilities or unforeseen underground obstacles. Various Slide Rail components have been designed to allow the user to safely and quickly install protective systems around such obstacles and crossing utilities to allow the project to continue as planned with minimal disruption.

While no one system is perfect for every job, working with an experienced NTS Trench Safety Specialist will hopefully enhance a project’s safety and the overall productivity of the contractor.

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