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Slide Rail System Secures New Storm Water Lift Station Project

Recently a manufacturing company was granted construction permits to build a large manufacturing facility near the City of Austin. Engineers calculated that the added footprint would negatively affect the existing storm sewer infrastructure in place. The contractor was tasked to install a wet well for a stormwater lift station designed to manage the water runoff from the new manufacturing facility. In addition, the stormwater lift station would aid and extend the operational life span of existing storm lines. The contractor would require an excavation cut measuring 20-ft in length, 20-ft wide with a depth of 20-ft. The competent person on site classified the soil as Type C-60.

The project site was graded to a level base and did not present any challenges or concerns. The use of a shoring device was required as the excavation walls reached 20-ft in depth which posed a high risk of cave-in. The contractor looking for a shoring solution contacted NTS for assistance. NTS provided several trench protection solutions and after some careful consideration, the contractor calculated that a slide rail system was the best cost-effective solution. Slide rail systems are composed of steel panels and corner posts that can be assembled as a 4-sided modular system or as a linear multi-bay system. Additionally, Slide rail systems can be combined with multiple accessories such as rolling struts, steel sheets, and steel guided frames. For this project, the contractor needed a 4-sided configuration with no accessories. Once the new storm sewer lift station is completed the risk of potential flooding will be reduced to a safe margin and avoid any future pipe failure repairs.

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