Steel Sheeting Guide Frame System Secures River Bank Installation

A contractor had been tasked with replacing an aging oil water tank separator that was beginning to fail, leaking polluted water into an adjacent river. Oil water tank separators operate by using coalescing media filters to remove petroleum based contaminates from storm water and serve a vital role in reducing water pollution. The critical wastewater management project was awarded to an experienced contractor familiar with water remediation projects. The tank replacement project required an excavation cut of 40-ft in length, 20-ft wide, and 20-ft deep that the Competent Person on site classified the soil as C-60.

The location of the project presented a few challenges with a sloped embankment, unfavorable soil conditions, and the site’s close proximity to an active electrical station. The contractor needed a protective system that could provide an open span work area to safely remove and replace the old oil water tank separator. The contractor contacted NTS with its concerns for the site and was presented with a few protective system options. After discussing with NTS, the contactor selected steel sheeting guide frame system. The steel sheeting guide frame is a versatile protective system that is designed to allow for a clear span and positive soil support throughout the depth of the excavation. Guide frames are set along the excavation and connected with corner posts to form the outside edge of the system in a shallow pilot excavation dig. Once the guide frames are in place, steel sheets are then inserted in open channels within the guides and the system progressively dug to depth while advancing the sheets. The open span provided by the steel sheeting and guide frame allowed for the contractor to quickly install the new tank, while the steel sheeting allows for flexible placement of the sheets for crossing utilities and other site encumbrances. With the new oil water tank separator installed it will ensure that less pollution from future storm water runoff will enter the local river. The contactor was extremely satisfied that the project finished ahead of schedule.