Three-Sided Trench Shield Configuration Used During Pier Structure Foundation Pour

As part of an ongoing project at a large Florida airport, a contractor needed to pour pier structures to support the transit system that would move travelers from the parking garage to the terminals. This phase of the project would require two excavations, each 16-ft square and 10-ft deep in a sandy Type C-60 Soil. … Read more

Slide Rail Offers Big Benefits for Utility Tunnel Expansion

At Utah State University (USU), crews led by general contractor Jacobsen Construction are working to expand a utility tunnel running beneath the main campus in Logan. The cast-in-place concrete structure, currently about 2 miles long and measuring 10 ft tall and 9.5 ft wide, houses USU’s steam distribution system, among other essential utilities. National Trench … Read more

Slide Rail System Used for Storm Drain Upgrades

A Denver contractor installed a new storm drainage system to improve water run-off control in the area. The project required a linear run of 108-ft, a width of 20-ft, and a depth of 24-ft. The Competent Person on-site classified the sandy soil as Type-C. The project site was located 12-ft from an existing road and … Read more

Site Specific Engineered Trench Shield Application Proves Effective for Contractor

Due to increased traffic congestion around a large airport, a Midwestern municipality had initiated a project to create a new toll road into the airport to ease traffic congestion. The project would require the contractor to update and/or relocate surrounding utilities and infrastructure lines. In the beginning phase of the project, the contractor would be … Read more

Beam and Plate with Double Static Brace Secures Site

As part of an upgrade at a sewer plant located in the Gulf region, a contractor was tasked to form and pour a new outfall wall. The contractor estimated a 40-ft long, 20-ft wide, and 30-ft deep excavation would be needed to construct the structure.  The excavation occurred in previously disturbed clay soil, which the … Read more

Slide Rail & Steel Guide Frames a Trusted Site-Specific Solution

Not all underground excavation projects are equal, some require a more comprehensive approach involving a site-specific solution. For example, Site-specific engineered systems allow the contractor to modify existing trench safety protection to meet specific project parameters. Additionally, a site-specific engineered plan allows the contractor to utilize various combinations of trench safety protection within the same … Read more

Beam & Plate Paired with System-80 Brace Struts Secures Site

As part of the multi-phased project in a major metro area of Oklahoma, a contractor was tasked with installing a 72-inch sewer line system to handle the area’s recent increase in footprint. The excavation required a linear run measuring 10-ft wide and a depth ranging from 22-ft to 26-ft. The competent person on site classified … Read more

Slide Rail Paired with Steel Sheeting Guide Frames Protects Multiple Water Main Laterals

The slide rail is a modular site-specific shoring system that can be utilized as a stand-alone or can be paired with other protective systems to handle complex projects. The shoring system is normally composed of corner post, and various sized panels. The slide rail paired with steel guide frames is a go-to shoring option when … Read more

Slide Rail Paired with Steel Guide Frames Helps Contractor To Meet Project Deadline

As part of an ongoing pump station rehabilitation project in the Florida Bay area, a nationally recognized contractor was tasked with installing a saddle and valve for a line-tap on an existing 48-inch sanitary sewer force main. The contractor required an excavation cut of 32-ft long, 20-ft wide, and 15-ft deep to perform the upgrades. … Read more

Site-Specific Beam And Plate Shoring System Paired With Wood Lagging Shines During Pump Station Renovation

A nationwide contractor was tasked with rehabilitating an aging pump station that has been serving the community since the early 1980s. The pump station handles almost a quarter of the city’s wastewater. The planned overhaul would involve constructing a new concrete addition to increase the capacity of the existing wastewater wet well. The contractor would … Read more

Hydraulic Brace Paired With Sheeting Secures a Manufacturing Plant Storage Upgrade

Polyester manufacturers provide vital solutions to various industries and markets dependent on polymer and polyester resources used in the production of finished goods. The polyester manufacturing process consists of a series of stages starting with compounding, which involves mixing raw materials under pressure and heat. Manufacturers have to incorporate storage management solutions to guarantee that … Read more

Contractor Completes Project on Time Thanks to NTS Large Rental Fleet Inventory

Upgrades and repairs to existing utility lines always remain a high priority among local and state authorities. Failing to properly oversee and manage these utility lines can result in a catastrophic system collapse that may lead to flooding, property damages, and lawsuits. It is paramount to effectively perform routine inspections and evaluate the footprint ratios … Read more

Slide Rail System with System-80 Tiebacks Shores Secures Multiple Fuel Tank Installation

Fuel tanks are vital to the daily operation of brick and mortar fuel providers across the country. These storage devices are generally installed below the ground and are connected to fuel pump stations above ground. Depending on various key factors, the total area of excavation for the installation of fuel tanks can vary. Some of … Read more

NTS Successfully Showcased a New Shoring Product at the 2020 CONEXPO Trade Show.

The 2020 CONEXPO/CON-AGG trade show was a great success with over 130,000 registrations reported. The trade show is held every three years in Las Vegas, Nevada, and is the largest construction event in North America with a large presence of international attendees. CONEXPO/ CON-AGG provides’ a platform for companies looking to exhibit new technology and … Read more

Steel Sheeting Guide Frame Fit’s the Bill on a Vault Installation

Stormwater vaults are known as a detention and infiltration management system that helps control water runoff and prevent storm drain lines from overloading. Stormwater vaults are normally used in areas where the existing infrastructure in place, or when the newly added construction’s footprint, exceeds the current storm system capabilities. A similar scenario was underway in … Read more

Slide Rail System Helps Contractor Complete Project Two Weeks Ahead of Schedule

New construction around mixed-development areas has become a concern for local authorities, especially in areas where the existing utility infrastructure is nearing its capacity.  As a proactive measure, a city in West Texas was required to invest in the construction of a new lift station designed to integrate with the existing system that would alleviate … Read more

Trench Shields & Arch Spreaders Provide Soil Support During Retaining Wall Construction

A well-respected contractor in the Rocky Mountain region was tasked with constructing a 10-ft retaining wall near a very popular entertainment venue.  Retaining walls serve many functions such as controlling erosion, reducing flooding, and in some cases add useable space.  The project required an excavation cut of a 200-ft in length, 10-ft wide, and a … Read more

Trench Shields & Arch Spreader Combination Assists on Water Reclamation Project

An Arizona contractor was tasked with the construction of a multistory new mixed-use development. The new construction would require an underground stormwater system that could properly manage the water runoff from the new structure. The underground site would require an excavation cut with a linear run greater than 800-ft for which the contractor’s Competent Person … Read more

Steel Sheeting Guide Frame System Secures River Bank Installation

A contractor had been tasked with replacing an aging oil water tank separator that was beginning to fail, leaking polluted water into an adjacent river. Oil water tank separators operate by using coalescing media filters to remove petroleum based contaminates from storm water and serve a vital role in reducing water pollution. The critical wastewater … Read more

Static Brace & Sheeting System Secures a Fuel Tank Installation Project

A well-known petroleum provider was expanding its service network throughout the state of Louisiana. The project site for one of these gas stations was located between a live road and the new convenience store foundation. The contractor would begin the tank installation by excavating a pit 80-ft in length, 16-ft wide and 16-ft in-depth that … Read more

Road Plates & Heavy Duty Mats Protect Roads From Nearby Project

Due to rapid growth and the resultant increase in motor vehicle traffic, a large metropolitan area needed to upgrade its highway infrastructure. The city had decided to invest in new access roads designed to alleviate traffic congestion around the economic districts of the city. The awarded contractor would be required to construct a new freeway … Read more

Slide Rail System Secures New Storm Water Lift Station Project

Recently a manufacturing company was granted construction permits to build a large manufacturing facility near the City of Austin. Engineers calculated that the added footprint would negatively affect the existing storm sewer infrastructure in place. The contractor was tasked to install a wet well for a stormwater lift station designed to manage the water runoff … Read more

Trench Shields & Arch Spreader Combination Assists on a Storm Drainage Project

A North Carolina contractor was tasked with upgrading aging drainage infrastructure that would involve installing new manholes, drainage pipes and constructing a new headwall. The upgrades would help control the storm runoff from a nearby neighborhood and prevent future structural drainage failures. The excavation site presented several challenges with nearby powerlines and adjacent structures. The … Read more

Cantilever Beam & Plate System Secures Oil Water Separator Project

A commercial technology and innovation district was in need of upgrading their existing storm water management program. The upgrade would enable the commercial district to properly treat the waste water that’s discharged into the river streams, a critical task for local authorities. The contractor in charge of the project was tasked with installing an oil … Read more

Octagon Manhole Box Assists on Manhole Installation

A northern Colorado city was required to construct new storm lines near a high traffic avenue. The awarded Denver contractor would be in charge of installing a new 36-inch and 48-inch reinforced concrete pipeline including the construction of new manholes. The contractor would be required to have protection during the manhole installation with an excavation … Read more